Looks wonderful :)! Btw I also admire that... a jacket, is it? Both pieces' colors go so well with each other - great photos :)!
Hahaha, it's funny that you notice! It's an old Chinese-style jacket from H&M's that's by now 2 sizes too big for me, and therefore was never worn. It's a shame, because it looks great, just not on me (clothes shouldn't wear people). I tried to sell it on the flea market, not lucky. But now it's resurrected as a fantastic photo background for whenever I need warm colours, because I can hang or drape it easily wherever the light works for my crappy camera, and clip the jewellery on without damaging the jacket. =D
Its sitting right next to me yet I still love staring at the photos XD
Really it is such a beautiful piece, and it is so perfectly my style, I can't thank you enough for it!! I long for the chance to show it off properly!
Awwwwwwww~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! (^///^) Really, I was so darn nervous making this. *lol* Biting my nails if you'd like anything like this to begin with, if it wasn't too big and/or too crafty-looking, if I had chosen the right materials and colours (you should have seen the mountain of stuff that I ended up not using... in short, I loved the process. XD This wiring process meant a breakthrough for me, away from standard shapes and towards much bolder designs. I feel very honoured that I could share that important point with you.