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Book Giveaway - Save Undershaw!


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
- The Hound of the Baskervilles -
Yes, that's right. I'm giving away my copy to one lucky fellow who comments here. In return, all I ask of you is to have a look at the Save Undershaw website, and sign the petition, if convenient. If inconvenient, sign anyway.

- I have two copies, and much as I like to hog books, shelf space dominates over having a spare copy for the bathtub.
- Bathtub jokes aside - Undershaw has seen and breathed so much of what is our (literary) history, it'd be a crime to let it be demolished for apartment buildings. I thought about what I could do to help, and I think giving away things for free isn't that bad an idea (I hope).

- Sign the petition, please. I'm not going to check if you have or not, but please don't break my little dragon heart.
- Leave a comment here (in case commenting doesn't work, let me know via however you found this post, technology has its flaws). A message of any shape will be fine, anything about Sherlock Holmes, any of the adaptations, or what the weather's like at yours, though that should better be interesting - in short, whatever shows me that you're not a bot, troll, or Moriarty the Elder. Yes, even if you're a complete newbie. Because I love to lure people into new reads. Héhé. >3

- The giveaway is open until MAY 23rd, exactly one month. That is when the fate of Undershaw will be decided about.
- If I can't decide which of the comments throws me off desk most, the winner will be chosen by random draw.
- In case you've won, I'll contact you. If you don't have a livejournal account, please let me know about some way to contact you. I'll then ask you for a snail mail address to send the book to. YOU DON'T NEED TO SEND ME ANY ADDRESSES BEFOREHAND. The Hound will then be set on its journey, plus a little surprise, if I can manage. The book isn't new, but I promise that I haven't taken it into the bathtub. We don't do that with hounds here.


By linking to your friends and followers the petition, the news articles, this contest, you name it.

This will not give you bonus points in the draw or to Hell with it, YES THIS WILL HELP YOU TO GAIN BONUS POINTS, but for the sake of a good cause - yes? Yes? (óωò)ノツ (<- that's a hopeful puppy-dragon)
Thank you! ♥
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I signed this petition, because even if I'm not really a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I think there are things in this world that just should be preserved for the future to see it!^^

As for the book no need to include me into the draw! I’m sure there are people that want it a lot more then me!^^

Now let’s hope the house can be saved!*crosses fingers*
All bathtub jokes aside, I'd just be very sad to see that historic site being demolished. It has seen so much, so many illustrious visitors, and not just one very famous writer. The house was constructed according to Conan Doyle's very own designs, which should be enough to make it special for architecture and history experts... and so on and so forth.


*dances in the glitterbomb fallout* WOOOOOOOOO!

Thanks so much! I haven't read that one. So looking forward to it! YAYAYA Can you tell? :)
Hehehe, I can. ;D

Just tell me (in a PM or whatever suits) where it's supposed to gallop please. ;)
I feel for this, and will definitely sign the petition. But i don't want the book, coz i already have it. :)
But it's amazing that you're doing a give-away for this cause. *hugs*
You're not missing out. Public baths are fun, because the pools are big and you can chat with whoever's there - or play the mysterious, yet unfortunately completely naked stranger. Normal bathtubs are too small, and somehow annoying. I've always preferred showers, and I've lived without a tub for ages, but now I had to move into a place where there's only a tub. Boo. :'(

//living nightmare of all real estate agents
My favourite volume at the moment (it changes) is "Return" for its quirky dynamics, but "Hound" is outstanding in its suspense and genuine novel qualities.