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I aten't dead

Sorry for the long silence here, I haven't been in the mood for much crossposting lately. (^-^;)

Anyway, as that time of the year is drawing close again, here's the yearly question of doom:

Has your snail mail address changed?

If so, please do let me know somehow.

You know who you are. (^-~)
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(no subject)

Adding these to sales post:


Both would come with €5 for shipping and pp fees, but if you want both, shipping's on me.
I'm sorry these are so obviously in used state, they were like that when I got them. Never thought I'd part from my collection back then.
I've just popped both into my wonky laptop drive, and they play fine for me.

- GACKT 2DVDs RRI €10 (strong traces of use on cover and DVDs; regional code 2)
- GACKT 2DVDs Jougen No Tsuki €15 (traces of use on cover and DVDs; regional code 2)
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Starving Guinea Pigs Post

Hello, sorry for the long silence. I'm purdy busy with work and associated shenanigans, but nonetheless the vet bills ain't getting less, nor cheaper. We lost the alpha pig of our herd last week, which has been terrible for the whole family, two- and four-legged, but those bills remain. In short, I haven't been much of a little ray of sunshine. Anyway.

Without further rambles, terms & conditions:
- payment via paypal
- all prices are in € (EUR)
- shipping is not included in the prices and depends on where you live; it starts at €5 for shipping, package, and paypal fees for everything below a weight of 500g; for heavier or bigger items, I'll need to know which country you live in
- due to a harsh working schedule, I can usually only make it to the post office at weekends
- I can put things on hold for a few days, provided we've known each other for a while
- most of these things are in used condition as all of these have made at least one major travel around the world, have been handled by people less careful than I am, and sometimes had previous owners I don't know about; I try to be as accurate as possible in the descriptions, but please do ask if you're not sure


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The ever so patient fly_little_wing gave me the opportunity to make two butterfly-shaped kanzashi eyepatches.

I'm glad I can hold my pliers with both hands almost equally (I'm not completely ambidextrous), though the fine chains on the golden piece made me ask myself why humans were made with such huge, thick fingers. Kermit style for me, please!

Alternative tumblr link: [click]
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Project Locobook

If you want to know how anyone could let me do this, you'll have to ask fly_little_wing or tihojenebo, I've done a full day of piggie-herding and can't wait to crawl into the dragon den. (=_=)zzz

Also on tumblr.

PS: It's only called "Project Locobook" because once in my life I wanted to say "Project Locobook is GO" Mark Gatiss style. Now I think that was a very stupid idea. Nobody is as much Mark Gatiss as Mark Gatiss. //it is late