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Tamagoyaki - the art to forge an egg like katana steel

The many layers of tamagoyaki always remind me of the steel that gets folded over and over to become hard enough to be turned into swords and daggers. Do chauvinists know which danger they bring upon themselves by placing women in the kitchen? I mean, how many men still carry swords, and how many women know how to use chopping knives and frying pans?



I don't know where I got this recipe from, some website (you find oozles of different methods, they vary depending upon family taste and regional flavour preferrances - I think this sweet version is Kansai-ish). Basically tamagoyaki contains eggs (Really!), salt, pepper sugar, you name it.

Ingredients (makes 2 rolls)
☆ 2 eggs
☆ 1.5 tbsp sugar
☆ pinch of salt
☆ little bit of pepper
☆ 0.5 tsp soy sauce
☆ vegetable or olive oil for frying

Tamagoyaki gets made in square or rectangle frying pans. They look a bit like those mini frying pans you get for heart- or flower-shaped pancakes. Don't buy the super expensive online stuff, the pan's not worth it. Rather have a look at overflowing neighbourhood Asian stores or try to find someone nice in Japan who'll get you an ordinary one. Even with shipping that's cheaper than what companies try to betray people with on amazon and the like. I got a very cheap pan outside of Japan and it's really not of great quality, but it does its job and that's what I wanted it for.

(That was one of my horribly thick first tries at egg-rolling - but the pan looked better then. XD)

In a small bowl, mix all ingredients. Make sure not to overbeat the egg.

The pan must be very hot at all times. Gas stoves are good for this, but also quickly responding cerano ovens. Otherwise, be prepared to lift the pan ond and off the cooking field as you need the heat, works just as fine. Make sure you don't burn yourself, that's easy!

Pour a veeery thin layer of egg into the pan and let it cook evenly, takes mere seconds. Then, using chopsticks or a wooden skewer, carefully roll it up. Keep the pan oiled at all time. Poor in the next layer, let get a bit solid, then roll the former layer back so the roll gets another layer. Continue until about half the liquid is used up. Place finished egg roll on a plate, cover if desired hot, then continue with the second.

To be honest, the second one always turns out better. ^^"

Eat it the way it is, or cut it up in strikes (diagonal looks better). Can be used in bentô, sushi and onigiri, too. The infamous sugar-soysauce-mirin I used for the aubergines (here) can also serve as a marinade here, you can neglect the mirin if you want to.

This recipe isn't easy and I obviously still need a lot of practise, too, but I can assure that it gets easer the more often you try. Here's a great video showing a pro doing it - oh it looks so easy, right? XD;; Getting there! Getting there!! But I'll keep my burnt bits, I think. I really like slightly burnt things. ^^" Weird, I know. But it brings out a slightly salty flavour that I love.
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Yum. I love eggs. I could eat breakfast all day. Yeah I'm one of those people.

Slightly burnt foods. That's not weird. It's not burnt, it's "carmalized". See what I did there, it's all fancy now. :)
I kno~w best meal of the day! X3

Oh, that is well said! Actually it's true for this recipe, considering the amount of sugar mixed in. Thumbs up! =D
The egg/katana analogy had me giggling, still has actually :D

Ah, I so want to have a go at this and have for a while as I want to put tamagoyaki in my bento, but I am SO bad at this type of egg recipe it's not funny. Time to get practicing, methinks. Thanks for the recipe and the tips!
Isn't it mean? If men forge a katana, it gets preserved and honoured for centuries. If a woman skillfully assembles an egg roll, it gets gulped down and forgotten. *dramatic yowl*

It's a matter of practising, I think. :/ That second photo shows one of my earliest tries, far too thick and quite burnt, hardly any layers. The small roll on the top photo was from this morning and it was much thinner. If I hadn't used up all egg on another roll, it'd have become bigger even, now I have nothing to show off with. XD More egg next time!

Do you use chopsticks? It's easier with a broad wooden skewer in the beginning, I think.
I think practice is definitely in order as I loooove the idea of these. I don't use chopsticks so much as harsh language when attempting to manipulate hot egg goo and failing! Need to invest in the right shaped pan first though...

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I don't know how much I swear in the kitchen, but it's certainly far less than what I used to spit out during translations. XD I wonder why there're no j-rock blogs about how some artists' ears stopped ringing a few months ago... *whistles innocently*
Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I love this!! *o*
Miam miammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

... so do I! ;D Made this far too often already. *lol* They're almost like cheap, quick pancakes.
My tamagoyaki just have the taste of it BUT not the form BUT i like them!! XDDDDDDDD
Well, this certainly sounds very nice but I think I am too lazy to go through all that just for some eggs. I'll just have to drag you back here one day to make it for me ;P
Yummy ! soon ,very soon I'll try it(weekend) XD.Breakfast is holy for me & I love anything eggs lol
Thank you Dragon Chef ^^
Weekend is the best time for big breakfasts. :D There's time to make some and time to run it all off later. XD;; I don't like sitting around with a full stomach, it gets heavier and heavier.
Mmmm, wow! Eggs are an absolute staple in our house (we buy them five or six dozen at a time XDD), so it might be worth it to get good at this! Thanks for the recipe, dear.
Egg recipes are great for students, that's for sure. XD I never had scrambled eggs with sugar before I tried the Japanese style, so - how can anybody not love this? :P
I haven't either! Well, except for the American tradition of eggs with maple syrup (mmmmmm). So I've no doubt it would taste fabulous!