June 25th, 2011

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Eggish love story - FREE (range) EGGS!!

I came across this adorable little video today and thought it'd be the perfect start for this new blog.

It's video, it's art, it's a story, it's food, cute and fun, which is pretty exactly what I love most, too.

Will these forbidden lovers find each other again?
Are those woollen hats a cultural thing or do all eggs secretly wear hats?
Which secret meanings are hidden behind plastic flowers?

It's time to find out...



ETA: I'm quite bummed about all those restricted YT videos these days and will probably have to post multiple links in the future. You can try to watch this one here or download it on its legal website, here (the little blue button with an arrow on the bottom of the page).

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~ How our dragon got spit at by a bowl of sugar ~

I've always wanted to be able to say "I used this French recipe..." -

well, I have no idea if French Apple Cake by Crepes of Wrath is really a centuries old, secret societies related, we-cut-off-your-tongue-if-you-change-one-grain-of-flour type recipe, but who cares?

I love it! XD

This is sweet. MAN, this is sweet. If you think you know sweet - you haven't tried this.

Yet it still tastes wonderful! I think it's the lemon juice in the sugar crust that both enhances the sweetness and makes it just bearable. Having plain, not too sweet ice cream or hardly sweetened whipped cream scooped onto it probably helps, too. I've never tasted an apple cake like this, in fact it's my #2 favourite apple cake recipe now. #1 is, of course, my grandmother's. A girl has to have her principles. ;)

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