August 12th, 2011

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I have an eggplant problem. Every time I speak about eggplant, I say "eggplant". No matter which language I speak in. I don't say nasu, which would be easy enough, or aubergine. I say eggplant. 90% of the time my opposite eyes me quite strangely at that.

I've therefore resolved to giving this thingy a completely new name. If I get mistaken for an illingual oddball, then I want to do it properly. Hereby I shall name thee...


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Oatish delight

These biscuits have become a favourite wherever I took them, and I must admit they're quite perfect for almost every occasion.

Advantages include that they're vegan and quite healthy while still being highly sweet. Vegan means no milk (yay) and almost no ingredients I need to shop for, so I usually have all ingredients at home. Handy!

Recipe by lovely  pinchofcinnamon can be found here.

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None survived.

Now stop eyeing that Harry Potter tin. It's mine.