January 27th, 2012

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uesugikitty tweets archive - November 2011

With my other blog permanently suspended (I'm not sure about deleting it yet - basically I want to keep the user gifts T_T ), uesugikitty is now finally getting a public archive home in this blog. Sorry for the inconvenience. ^^"

December tweets will be up soon. Say, do you mind if I keep them in reverse order (oldest at the bottom), the way they come up on twitter? That way I don't need to edit so much. ^^" *lazy dragon is lazy*

Please let me know in case you don't want your username (in replies) posted. So far I've let them where they are as it means less work for me, and kudos to those who keep uesugikitty a living, breathing, sake-vaporing fun spot. ^.~ One of the links posted isn't worksafe, and marked as such.

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