February 10th, 2012

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uesugikitty tweets archive - January 2012

I've established a blog domain for uesugikitty, but as I'm still a bit clueless how to begin and what to write about (Her Majesty's writings leave me speechless in awe), there's not much up there yet except a backlog for these tweet posts. Suggestions, journal graphics etc. are very welcome. I'm planning to draw a new icon by hand, to involve the infamous white towel scarf.

By the way, His fluffiness has decided to officially name himself Kitty. Uesugi Kitty. Though the jokes are based on the 16th century warlord, and the character has nothing to do with other works of art that use the same source, I want to make dead sure he doesn't get mistaken for a pop culture parody account. He's an original character, and his sparkling pink plush katana allows no else.
[I was forced to write this with aforementioned katana poking my back.]


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