July 16th, 2012

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Book reviews


Back when I deleted my other journal, I also did a big spring clean of almost every online account I possess, including this one, and man, I did it thoroughly. There were a number of reasons as to why I've not just stopped, but also deleted reviews in this journal. Most of all, I'm pretty pissed about what's going on concerning internet freedom at the moment, and I don't see why I should give peeps free advertising - let me spell that again, FREE - while we who buy things legally get treated like tomorrow's criminals. Reviews, mostly written by people like me who don't see a dime for it, make up a huge part of marketing that should not be underestimated. Another reason was that I simply don't like my review style, being way too rambling, and not as detailed as it should be at tl;dr length.
However, this is NOT what I want to discuss here. It's depressing enough as it is, no need for more.

I've thought about what can be done instead, and here's a list of ideas:

☆~ only post reviews of books that are not protected by copyrights anymore
☆~ otherwise, only post reviews of books whose authors explicitely encourage reviews
☆~ mini reviews

In the future, I'd limit my reviews on material whose copyright has expired, in other words, classics. These you can read legally and for no money online/as a download, or get easily in a library of your choice and trust, so that's a double benefit for all of us. There's a ton of fun and entertainment to be had with these old fellas. You can be sure that, being a reader of guilty pleasure, I'm not picking stuff that I find dry and saddening from premise, or at least I always try to see the spark of interest in whatever I get.

I'd probably also add reviews of contemporary books, if I know that the author encourages reviews of all kind, such as gailcarriger, Neil Gaiman, or Kelley Armstrong. They all have marvellous twitter accounts by the way, quite worth following, if you're into that kind of thing.

Another change, if you want it, would be a switch to mini reviews. That saves me a lot of work and time, which means I can read, draw, write, dance, work, clean, yell, cook, plot, ..., and reply more. It's not easy to press a good, meaningful review into, let's say, 5-7 sentences, and it feels like a good challenge. That way I could review whole bunches of classics I've read or listened to recently, all Sherlock Holmes stories (sixty =D) or Jane Austen books for example. Good? Not good? Not much good? Double plus good?

Would love to know what you think. :)