August 19th, 2012

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Oh God it's a health post.

If I remember correctly, I blogged the link for the spoon theory here (if I didn't, here is another one). It's a first-hand report that deals with chronic illness, which in my dictionary is physical illness as well as mental issues. Now here's another article which I hope will spread more widely - about things not to say to people with chronic diseases. I'd like to add that these things are just as insulting and even damaging to people with mental health issues. Thanks to sleepydragon_26 for the links.

Last but not least, a health-related video camui_love reblogged that I find mighty important for everyone working with their hands a lot, be it with pens, needles, or keyboards:

Off to work on a few things to post here later, and actually continue my homework. orz
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