August 31st, 2012

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Fish Fingers with Custard Sauce

To cut a long story short: The last weeks here have sucked. Mightily. Even more than usual. And if anybody knows a place where they'd hire a highly qualified, enthusiastically geeky girl who likes to work hard on reasonable terms, I'm all yours. I'll even cook for you, if you still want me to after this post.

After all the recent stress, and to get my stomach used to solid food again (ouch), this meal arrangement hit me right at the appropriate spot. In other words, I watched my first Doctor Who episode (series 5), and it's wonderful. I finally know my species now.

Fish fingers, selfmade custard sauce, mashed potatoes, puréed apple.

ETA: I'm not completely new to DW, as I've listened to several radio plays of the old series before. TV, however, is new.