December 13th, 2012

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The Hobbit I - (almost) spoiler-free mini review

Breaking with my habit, because some of you are pondering to watch/read/ignore this, and I hope this might help to make a decision.

First of all, I liked it. It's jam-packed (sorry) with fantasy, action, eye-candy, and really a lot of nods to canon, but new additions as well. People have bickered about this in Lord of the Rings, and they will do so here. As back then, I'm rather positive to the new elements as they do their work narrative-wise in a trilogy that wasn't one originally.

What you need is a bit of a patient butt, as the movie quite needs its time to find a language and rhythm of its own - see it as a prologue of a movie three times as long, and it makes sense, but for a standalone this structure of narration would be a bit fussy. However, this allows for more tidbits of the book and books and notes to books, and some of the actors really use these parts to play their hearts out. I don't know how it works for someone who hasn't read any of the original works though. Well, reading doesn't hurt, sweeties. ;)

I was particularly amazed by the prologue, which shows you greatness you otherwise wouldn't find in the whole of The Hobbit, and most of Lord of the Rings. Very cleverly put, just like the elven army in the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring, only better. I was also surprised about the picture quality, very clear yet pleasing from the very start, and I can say that this is the first movie that really worked in 3D for me, the full time.

Oh, and Smaug. That bastards's always been on the pretty side of the family, sometimes you hate your cousins.

Off to my den, I have a long and busy day at work tomorrow, guarding my treasures and stuff.

[Spoiler (click to open)]PS: I knew it. I KNEW IT. Years of fantasizing about Legolas and stags, and then THAT thing happens. GOSH. *goes to renew her telepathy certificate*