January 27th, 2013

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Nomen est omen – what a fancy world that would be

tumblr link: http://consultingcupcake.tumblr.com/post/41712042380/nomen-est-omen-in-reply-to-a-certain-true

A rather remarkable little article from a definitely devoted devotee of the few decidedly devoted deducers aka Sherlockians our planet is still blessed in these times of latex and smartphones has recently made its way to daylight on a minor website called tumblr, which only few individuals belonging to obscure subcultures will have heard about. *gasps for air* I would like to waste use this space for a short and grateful reply to the piece which, with a more explanatory introduction, has been shared by the Brave Bakerstreet Babes here.

To be honest, that rant is actually tame compared to what you have likely encountered if you are a woman as well as into video games, comic books/cosplay, or if you’ve had glimpses of j-rock fandoms. Just for finger practice though, let's shed some light on the situation - or shred the situation, if you like.

This is only the second draft and will therefore contain inaccuracies and mistakes. I'm putting it here in the hope of some kind beta-readers to help in polishing it up a little. I do not claim that this is anywhere in essay-shape. It is a mere blog post I've whipped up out of nothing, and contains a lot of me. Mostly sore eyes and fingers, that is.
Will contain less rambling about computer programmes and more about differences in codes of behaviour after editing, also bits about that nasty attack on Kristina Manente once I've stopped swearing like an IT student.

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