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Don't shoot the melon pan

Pan pan, pan pan!
(↑ don't think anybody's gonna get this... anyhow)

Made a bit of hummus this weekend.
Recipe by the lovely pinchofcinnamon here.

I added the parsley, instead of saving it for topping/decoration, because that's what I prefer.
There's never too much parsley...
Unfortunately I used too much cumin. Might leave that out completely next time.

Also melon pan!
Recipe from cookingwithdog~

Smiley extra for my fellow Sherlockians! ;P

I didn't have dry milk powder (Seriously! XD Poison in my own house!), so I replaced the warm water with milk.
Somehow that worked, I guess. :/
The whole butter thing is pretty yucky. My hands are still smelly, and I've scrubbed them a felt 10 times.

More pics and shaping tips:

Before the final (3rd orz) rising~

The diamond shape should be cut in deeply, but not wide.
Some of my diamonds blotched during baking because they were too wide.
The smiley and the deeply and thinly cut pan turned out quite well.

In case you wonder how I made the smiley face (which is really just due to my current obsession, it's not standard for melon pan =P):
- circle made with rice ball mold
- mouth imprinted with edge of rounded sandwich cutter (or whatever has a slightly bent, sharp edge)
- eyes stamped in with cooking chopsticks (the giant ones)

After final rising, before baking~

At first I thought the buns weren't baked enough.
The recipe calls for 12min of baking, but mine didn't get brown at all, even after 20min in the oven.
However, they're not pretty, but the flavour and texture are perfect.

Just like the stuff from conbini, just fresh! =D

Takes ages though. orz
If I could still buy these in any corner store, I wouldn't sweat in the kitchen for hours. XD;;

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You made me hungrrrrrrryyyyy ^^
*mentally eats the smiley one :P* XD
I'm sooowwwyyy~~~ ... but I ate the smiley one this morning. XD;; Should make more, right?
you want to kill me?!
@_@ they look so yummmmmmmyyyyyyy
>_> they are, aren't they?

Uh... they were very nice right after baking, but this morning they just smelt terribly of melted/rancid butter, which is disgusting. XD;; I hate butter. But you can't make it with substitutes, I guess.

They are pretty good, but it is a whole lot of effort for something so small. ^^" At least 3h almost non-stop in the kitchen, and there's a lot that might go wrong until the very end. So yeah, it's good but I wouldn't say the effort is always justified.

Okay, have to make another batch I guess. XD;; More smileys this time! X3
i can't wait for spring to have some of these ingredients :D, i'd rather buy buy veggies from the local producers, than from supermarkets
the recipe looks delicious indeed :D
i wonder if it is still good when done with chicken?
Yes, yes, they're awesome!! You can fill them however you like. Usually you can buy readymade (or even frozen, I think) nikuman with meat filling (no shrimp I think O_o), pizza filling, stuffed with curry, chocolate pudding... and whatever else they come up with each season. *lol* Use whatever you like! I'd leave out the shrimp, I guess, because if I can't have fresh fish from reliable producers, I'm afraid of adding to empty oceans and eating a lot of chemicals. =P
i'm not crazy about using shrimp either, i was going to skip it anyway :))
i'll give it a try with chicken then :D
I'd totally go for roast meat (or chicken) and barbecue sauce, but I don't even know if this country has something like barbecue sauce. XD;; There's just one supermarket where they have a small selection of foreign products... mmmmmm of course I love that place. XD Excellent customers service, too.