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Wrapped In Brain (not really)

Not going to lie, I'm not very well, but right now I've got a moment of spoon, I hope, and I wanted to post something before that goes by again. Here we go.

For those into TV (ahaha), you may know that Speedy's Cafe, lately prominently featured in a certain detective series, held a twitter contest. You were supposed to submit your suggestions for their new themed wrap. I'm afraid the winning entry wasn't quite to my taste - meat, poultry, cheese are all a tad problematic for me, now and then. ^^" Mostly the cheese.

Needless to say that my creation didn't even make it into the closer selection - which I had anticipated, really, so no bad feelings. ;) However, I'd like to prove that it's neither that costly nor takes that long to make, if you know how to. In fact, I had almost all ingredients at home, and I'm not set up to buy luxury food (okay, the blueberries... but blueberries are my favourite OTL). Unless you live in central Tokyo, but that's a different story.
If you buy all of these ingredients from scratch, they'll last you for a good number of servings. Don't get ideas though, this won't do if you invite that little uncle with the mightily hairy feet. Tell me in case he still has the number of that dragon pal, will ye? Ta.

If you use storebought wraps, this won't take longer than 15-20 min to prepare, 10 if you've had a little practise already, 2 if you prepare all ingredients in the morning and simply assemble and re-heat the wraps when you need them. 30 if you keep getting distracted by guinea pigs who claim their lettuce back. You're warned.

- vegetarian
- dairy-free
- I think it's gluten-free, but please do correct me if I'm wrong

Ingredients (makes 2-3 detectives wraps):

☆ 2-3 tortilla wraps (I made buckwheat pancakes instead, milk substituted with water)
☆ 4-9 leaves of Romaine lettuce (2-3 per wrap, depending on size)

☆ for the chickpea sauce (1-2 tbsp per wrap):
     ~ handful of chickpeas (see recipe)
     ~ tbsp of olive oil
     ~ 1 clove of garlic
     ~ 1/2 a tsp of cumin
     ~ pinch of chili powder

☆ for the tamagoyaki (about 3 slices per wrap):
     ~ 2 eggs
     ~ 1.5 tbsp of sugar
     ~ pinch of salt
     ~ wee leetle bit of pepper
     ~ 1/2 tsp of soy sauce

☆ 2 walnuts, opened and broken into little pieces
☆ 1-2 tbsp of cranberry sauce (or jam)
☆ appr. 5-7 blueberries per wrap

You may want to prepare the tamagoyaki first. Here's a more elaborate instruction, but you can just as well mix all ingredients and make scrambled egg out of them. Just make sure to get nicely sweet lumps of cooked egg that either fit into a wrap, or that you can cut up without producing eggish confetti. Easy as that.
Prepare this in the morning, keeps well in a fridge all day - make sure the kids don't steal it though (that includes me).
If you don't like sweet eggs, just go for ordinary, salty, scrambled egg. Salt keeps the brain going

For the chickpeas, heat some olive oil. I used the same little frying pan I had had for the eggs first, saves you time. When the oil is hot, half the clove of garlic and let it roast in the oil for a moment, throw the garlic out once it turns black (which usually happens just when you're not looking, so that someone nosy can remark the "awful burnt smell").
Turn down the heat and add the cumin, after a moment the chili, and then the chickpeas. Cook with a little water, I used about half a teacup full because I only had a handful of chickpeas, too. You don't need a lot for two wraps. I thickened the sauce with a bit of buckwheat flour, but you can use wheat. Buckwheat is a tad healthier, and gluten-free, but also comes with a strong flavour of its own. If that's okay with you - you have the cumin to balance it out - I say go for it.

A word on chickpeas:
The easiest and chickest method is to buy them canned. Pop 'em inna pan, pot, or potty, done they are. If you use them a lot though, buying dry chickpeas will save you a lot of money, as such a bagful lasts ages. A little more inconvenient as they have to soak in water (and I've read about a tsp of baking soda here and there, but it works without, too) for a full night at least, and should be cooked well after that. On the other hand, you can always just take out the amount you need and store the rest for years, which wouldn't work with the can.
Depending on the recipe, there's sometimes a call for dry chickpeas, sometimes for canned. Here's the weight conversion:
1 part of DRY chickpeas becomes 2 - 2.5 the amount when cooked.

That was easy, right? :)

Here's my assembled wrap for all assembled sleuths:

☆ buckwheat pancake, for protein (BRAINZ~~! =D)
☆ Romaine lettuce, because Eisberg lettuce (which looks like a brain inside) has little to no nutritional value
☆ chickpeas, for protein and energy
☆ olive oil and garlic for the heart - and if it's that of a child
☆ strong spices to get over the smoking habit (not mine XD)
☆ tamagoyaki, for a tiny sugar rush and mo-ar protein (which also helps the hair grow *snorfles*)
☆ cranberry sauce, for some red liquid and oh DEAR are they fruity
☆ blueberries, as they're highest in those little helpers that stop you from aging (The Sleuth doesn't age~)
☆ walnuts, as they're also very healthy and look like tiny brains

I used a lot of things that might sound clashing, but once you bite it, you understand how it works - quite like a deduction.
Of course, there's the brain and health thing. Body needs to function. But there's also childlike joy and mischief, a bit of colourful fruitiness that's both sweet and biting, often careless.
The foreign influences and spices just need to be there, as the good sleuth is a creature of broad mind, ideally far-travelled to enhance their studies. Mostly a little extreme here and there, and never afraid of a good new adventure.
All in all, you'll get an eccentric package unlikely to be forgotten easily, and it'll with all that protein it's going to keep you filled at least half a day - or however long it takes you to solve your puzzles.

Last but not least, if you'll excuse the public dissection of perfectly good food - The Wrap On The Slab:

I think the case has been solved to my satisfaction.

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