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Hey sweethearts,

I aten't dead, but not that energetic to fulfil the requirements of life as biology knows it either... mostly spending my time in alternate universes, as they're free and always conveniently at hand.

Come to speak of it, I've been plunged, by chance, into the original Sherlock Holmes tales (which you can all read for free, and fully legal, online), and *legasp* started a bit of fanfictioning over at sherlock60. Which is a real piece of work sometimes, as writing a simple comment means a lot of exhaustion to me. Words are one thing, communication is another.

Lucky though, because that meant I could finally update my literature account on dA again:

almost new icon = link

In case anybody's interested, I could post those ficlets here, too. Planning to do collecting posts rather than individual ones anyway, to keep your f-lists unflooded.

Off I pop~

Edit to add: If you decide to read Watson's Holmes stories, it might be a good idea to start with "A Study in Scarlet" and read them in order of publishing. I found that to make a huge difference.
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Just wanted to say that it's good to hear a bit from you again :)! Can't comment much more at the moment (still at work) >.<. Will check out your post in more detail at home, the links and all ;).
Hey Ashu , good to hear from you :)
Enjoy those universes ,I hope you're happy writing,I'm interested in reading them XD
I'm in my own alternate universe too & I'm not talking much lately anywhere ,it's tiring
Can't really say it's enjoyable, but definitely preferrable, aye? ^^" I'm forcing myself to keep practising stuffses, writing is one of them.

It really is. Hope you're not doing too badly anyway!
Deleted a comment because my comment before was NOT eaten >.<.
Phew, for me it would be a real challenge to write a ficlet in exactly 60 words so... really well done, I like the three you wrote and would like to read more. The description of Watson's face was so down to the point, I could see his features, really great :)! And I like "Anamnesis".
Haha, nevermind! Interwebz does that all the time.

I know, and I love it. People keep cursing twitter's 140 character limit, but to be honest, I think it's a really good challenge to express yourself directly. Pretty good for language students actually (know what I'm talking about here, haha).

Glad you did! :) There'll be more, and I'm currently swaying between flooding that comm with ketchup posts about their past stories. *lol* You'll probably like the next topic, "A Scandal in Belgravia". ;)
Thanks! It's a design I never uploaded, as I use it for printed correspondence (ew, old dragon *lol*).
Has kept me halfway functioning all my life, really. You okay? I'm sorry, I haven't been very attentive lately... or the last six months at least, haha. ^^" Not gonna change any time soon, I'm afraid.

Err, they're online already. XD;; Both in the comm, and on deviantart, so if you want to read those 180 words so far (I might post ketchups), here's a handy folder link:
*huggles* And vice versa, 'kay? ^.~

I might upload to more little ficlets today, tomorrow at the latest. Same link.

*huggles* I send you some KIAI so that you can recharge a little, ne! :)
Thanks, dear! I'm afraid that I'm rather like a USB battery recharger, I need activity to recharge, haha. ^^"
awwww *sends KIAI* hard days for you too, ne... but let's survive, OSU!!! xD

and oh what a cute lil dragon! >3< <3333
(oДO;;) Somehow this comment vanished from my inbox...

Yeah, surviving sounds like a strategy. XD;; *hugs*

Dragons are the BEST family, EVAR. ;P
As long as it arrived before Easter, no hard feelings. XD And thank you sooooooooooooo much for the bear hug! It's so fluffy! Aaand pink!! <3<3<3

PS: You don't suck. And if anybody says that about you - they stink. Officially. ;P