Yeah. I never admitted it in my other journal, but I've been a mad scientist crafter from early childhood on. ;P
(O///O) OMG YOU WANT ONE??? *faints a bit* Uh, uh, uh... Shipping and everything included, about €12. ^^" *ducks*
Wha- what? XD Funny, because I don't know that either. *lol* I just make stuff, and I usually don't know why, or what it's going to be like.
These look as colourful as three crazy Easter chickenz which came through my door today! Thank you for both the post (hair thingies) and the avian postcard
Oh GOD, chickenzes... I saw them and thought of chickenZ. ;P Finding funny postcards in a small place is always a bit of an adventure. ;)
Oh, loveeellyy!! I like the first so much, it's perfect for easter season!
Tha~nks! ^^ Actually that one I made for carnival. XD Maybe I should make more of the shape, they're small enough not to show up so much. Peeps here are weird when it comes to others looking just a tad unusual. -.-;;;