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Totally forgot to post these...


In other news, I've shamefully neglected comments here, and I know it.
Thing is, communication's a bit of a topic for me now and then.

Oh, and Neil Gaiman rocks. Just sayin'. 'Cause he does. So does BBC radio. An' ev
'rything, really. Anyway.

This text was typed for me by a guinea pig who's got a hip.
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As if she understood any English. XD

Sad enough, that's how the majority of people is in this place. I've been threatened by more elderly ladies and gents in my life (and not subtly) than any other age group, and definitely way more than in any other city I've ever lived in, discrimination against me being a foreigner included. It really is Hicksville Without the Hills here. Just twice as bad.
Hahahahaha, I saw the one with the chopsticks before. Perfect xD. Old ladies, gotta love them. Have one particular lady that lives in our house and always looks like your chopstick lady whenever my children make noise in the elevator. Don't know Neil Gaiman (yet) so good there's someone out there who'd be interested in rants about that sort of ladies hahaha.
You don't know Neil Gaiman?! Tsk tsk tsk, that might have deprived you of being treated to some meals. ;P Insider joke. Go check out his twitter, the man is awesome, no matter if one likes his books or not.
YAY! I love your comic strips. Hope you're doin' alright other than putting up with busy body ornery old women <3
Hehe, cool! :D But you have to know Neil Gaiman, he's the rockstar of sci fi/fantasy writing! ;P