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Happy Easter!

First of all, a belated:

In other news, I've finally decided to use uesugikitty's account exclusively for tweet archives, it's easier to link etc. etc. Suggestions what else to do there, contributions etc. are more than welcome!

And last but not least, a few of you seemed to have been interested in some of my original Sherlock Holmes 60-word-ficlets. I'm afraid they're a bit hard to comprehend without the corresponding story to come, but hey, you can make it a big readalong, it's fun! ;) All Holmes stories are free and legally available online. Reading them in order of publishing makes a big difference in terms of enjoyment, so that's the order in which I shall post the fics. You can see every story first and fresh on my writing account on deviantart, here, but they're not in chronological order. Just realised that a good number of these haven't been posted in the original comm they were meant for either... you're special! ;)


Rating: G
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson etc. belong to Arthur Conan Doyle; this work is not intended to be used for commercial purposes.

"A Study in Scarlet" and "The Sign of the Four" are novels. All the other texts are about short stories from "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", the first short story collection.

A Study in Scarlet: Studied

From the earliest time I have dedicated myself to studies. It wasn’t meant to be a gathering knowledge for the sake of knowledge, but to find out about what was meant to stay hidden. It is a strange, yet interesting sensation to find myself the field of someone’s research myself. Not a bad listing system, dear Watson. Truly not bad.

The Sign of the Four: Handball

My dear doctor Watson, your assistance concerning the handling and consolation of my clients is most appreciated. When my mind is occupied with the complications of a case, you take care of what is sometimes of no small importance. I feel most obliged to you.

Could you explain to me, however, what you did with Miss Morstan’s left hand there?

A Scandal in Bohemia - Confirmation

If there had ever been the time to prove my opinion about emotion, this was it. From Irene Adler, whose sudden marriage - sported by genuine sentiment, I assume - would almost have cost her neck, over Watson himself, who risks the murder of his boots, up to me. Short-lived as it was, that little pleasance of seeing him back.

The Red-Headed League - Discipline

Don’t look at Watson’s face… that twitching around his mouth, hardly concealed, the minimal creases at his eyelids, how the muscles in his throat contract in an attempt to keep in control...
Concentrate on the case. Oh no, please, not the Encyclopedia…

Dear Lord, I’ll never be able to keep a straight face in front of a red-headed man again.

A Case of Identity - Therapy

Quite sure that I am coming down with something. First I talk to Watson about flying hand in hand over London, charmingly illuminated by the pinkest sunset in England’s history (might have kept that bit to myself). Then I sympathise with an old spinster. And then, not even crime in sight. Will ask Watson for therapy. And my riding crop.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery - Feeling

When clients come to me, or their opponents, or nothing but Watson’s gaze pierces my conscience – they tend to forget a simple, yet all the more relevant fact:

There is justice. Always. Matters have a habit to turn its way.

Indeed, if enquired, it would be apt to say that while I may not feel passion, I do feel justice.

The Five Orange Pips - Correlations

Watson often wonders about the neglect I put upon my body, let it be because of business or lack of it. He even calls me a self-poisoner, and cannot understand how my cases sometimes keep me from eating all day. On the other hand, people are in awe about my rate of success – yet everybody fails in seeing the connection.

The Man with the Twisted Lip

Ah, furniture… no matter how advanced our science becomes, furniture has been a misconception from the very beginning of the occidental world. For thousands of years it has been known all over Asia that the proper sitting technique will drown the need for sleep, while the mind works sharper than ever.

I should tell Watson one day, he’ll be interested.

The Blue Carbuncle - Christmas list

presents received:
- from James Ryder: little case to kill holiday boredom
- from doctor: house call, and without appointment weeks in advance
- from Peterson: props to solve case

presents given:
- to James Ryder: his bloody freedom
- to Peterson: perfectly good goose, even if he had to replace it later
- to the good doctor: dinner


The Adventure of the Speckled Band

One day our parents decided that it was time for us to be taught responsibility. While I was gifted with a not particularly gifted kitten, Mycroft’s protégé was a snake. Long story short, it’d have starved in my brother’s (lack of) care, so I set the poor beast free. The snake looked considerably happy. Mrs Wilson from next door didn’t.

The Engineer’s Thumb - Chains

In a chain reaction of unparalleled smoothness, one being connects with the other, and back and forth movement goes. They seek help. They meet another one in need, and finally… finally they come to me.

One could think that the world lies in chains, yet they seem to help it move. The direction, however, is headline of a different story.

The Noble Bachelor - Lectures

It was the perfect case for the perfect occasion. Watson had started to investigate in the matter already. He knew every detail. His body reacted, pained by the detail his conscious mind was not able to see. Yet did he draw any conclusions? Did he learn anything about marriage?

Should have asked Miss Millar to perform the lecture for him.

The Beryl Coronet - Training

I regard it as my duty not just to ensure my own mind’s vitality, but also to enhance the good doctor’s alertness. When he hardly responded to my kindness toward the client, I decided to eat something - during a case. His expression was only to be beaten by the one regarding my musings about having my own son.


The Copper Beeches - Jested

It had always worked with mother, but I would never have expected Watson to fall for the old jest. Too bad that he never worked it out, what a great laugh this could have been! I’m afraid that even Miss Hunter could not put up with the immense power of attraction a rack of test tubes holds at three am.

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