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New tumblr (for art dump, not so much activity), and new profile pic:

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Thanks! I finally got my standard "tired and/or not quite here" expression onto paper. XD;;
Oh ,you have tumblr! Following now XD
How have you been Ashu?
=D That's so cute!

Oh hey, btw, are you still on Pottermore? I tried to add you (with the name in your DA journal) but it said there was no such user.
Yes, yes! My username is in my stickypost here, too, I thought it was correct. O_o Lemme check! Anyway, I'm FlightEye201.
I wouldn't mind being an illustrator - no kidding, even that would earn me more (on several scales) than being an academic nobody wants/needs. XD
Awwwww this is SO cute!! And i absolutely love how you conveyed emotions here <3333
Ehh, lovely! I have a generally disused tumblr that I've added you on. ;) Username guardedhappiness. Sparky is somehow mini-er than I imagined. 0~(^-^)
Not really using mine either, the site's not that friendly, me thinkz. But it's good for putting stuff up to see. Yepp.

Yeah, he really is that small. XD;; Not all dragon types can be big, territorial issues, you know. He needs to fit behind a counter, tail and all.