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Teasin' Ain't Trollin'

I've often jinxed my own projects by talking about them too early, but then, how do you gank any motivation out of them?

I know! With teasers! [insert villain grin of choice]

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*puts on hipster college lecturer glasses*
You know... that is a very, very good question. Can anybody answer? Well, alright, on top of the 300p essay I asked you to read and illustrate until eugh, what was that... tomorrow? Right. On top of that, I'd like you to write a couple pages or so, let's make it 20, about this question. Is that okay with everybody? Fine. Oh, my office hours this week have been cancelled because of the guineapigrocket science awards, at which I'll be awarded for my lifetime achievements, during the last five years, anyway. Anybody attending? No? Thought so.

(Don't ask. I had tea and icecream. This is what tea and icecream do to me. Off to sweat it out in a workout.)
ever thought of making a comic book or something like it?

you are doing a fantastic job with these
Actually yes, I'd love to - but I need way more practise, and become mu~cho quicker/steadier/professional. XD;; Something I'd like to achieve with what you see in that photo. ;)

Thank you so much! (^*^)
But I've used it for years here! XD

It's a very, very antiquated term for "arigato" that you might still hear in samurai stories etc. They use this special vocab at the Camui Gakuen festivals. "Arigataki", "gokigenyo", "kashikomari" I think... and there was another one for "sorry", yadda yadda.

So don't use it in everyday conversation with people who aren't in on the joke. ;P
I think i need to rest! ahaha XDDDDDDD
*shame on me, sorrehhhhhhhhhh*

I remember now that as u said and explained before, it's used on Gakuen School, but i think yesterday i was too dead for my brain to catch up it even if i knew it means "thanks".
95tweets+translations to put on a doc killed me! ahah lol

Thanks so much for the explanations! I hope i won't forget again next time!^^"
Gomen nasai

*dera hugs*

PS. Are you better????
ahhhh so cute! and jesus the outfits are gorgeous- Are they your original characters?
Thanks! =D This was a first test drawing to define clothes, styles, colours, that sort of thing.
50/50. They derive from characters that aren't mine, but old enough to have lost official copyright. I've changed them quite a lot and more or less made my own by merging rudimentary OCs into 'em.

God, I sound like Vicky Frankenstein. *lol*