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Only One Week Left!

Only one week left to sign the petition to rescue Undershaw! (project website)

(And get a FREE BOOK!)

Sherlockology, a BBC Sherlock fansite, recently called out for fanfiction submissions, 20 of which would be chosen and printed in order to raise funds for the good cause. The winners have now been announced (don't worry, I'm not one of them ;P), and the book is available for pre-order on amazon.uk, amazon.com, and bookdepository.com. So, if you're in for a bit of a good Holmesian read, this might be a nice idea - the money will be used to preserve the memory of Holmes's Home.

Non-winner stories will be published in free PDF files later. If you want to read mine, I can post the link here.

Last but not least, after so much good cause, a completely free and beautifully layouted shortstory gem by Neil Gaiman himself, which takes the canon a slightly Lovecraftian way. Héhé. *bubbles*

Pip pip~
I just realised that I had left the comments on... so be it. XD;;

Oh God YES. I love that store. My wishlist is lethal.

Hey, don't hurry! She won't run away (okay, that doesn't sound as reassuring as I'd thought...). ;P It's probably a rather mmm... dense read anyway. I shouldn't squeeze novel plots into <3000 words.

Know what, that's probably a really good idea.
At first when I read it, I thought "Where the heck is the point?!" - until the last few paragraphs made me headdesk in delight. XD;; Strange emotion. Brilliant. Polar bears. No wait...
No, no, not your fault, I'm sorry!! I usually disable comments under reminder posts because I don't want them to distract from the main post. I think I left them on, finally, because there's a bit more stuff in this and don't mind me I'm a-babblin'. *HUGGLES*

Yes, yes... duh. So. Much. Goodness. A lot of books that are sold out everywhere else, and so cheap, and no shipping fees, and and and...

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh Baker. XD;;;

The end made me feel all warm and fuzzy for completely insane reasons. XD