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The Geekgirl Diaries Continue (5 & 6)

I wanted to wait until I have more pages again, but they keep piling up (as sketches) in such rapid succession that I should rather continue with the stuff I actually have to do and... start using shorter sentences. Anyway.

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I don't wanna be the bf XD
I saw them on tumblr ,I love your sketches ^_-
Not at all :). Geekgirl's outburst of utter concern comes across as really cute for me. IF my interpretation is right and it IS real concern for the angels and not meant ironically ;). You know, (with the first interpretation of the ending) one could say she's maybe really naive for believing in angels that way or for believing in angels at all (depending on your standpoint on angels lol), but hey, what a golden heart she has. That's the cute factor for me here :). Although it's so hilarious, it has something touching to it for me ;).
No, no, it's all purely true and non-ironic. It's one of the leisures I enjoy in these comics, the characters can be all innocent and straightforward without being made fun of.

Hold on.
"the characters can be all innocent and straightforward without being made fun of"

Yep! That's the charm :). Looking forward to no. 7, 8, 9, 10... ;)
Bit of a dream world, aye? XD;;

7&8 are already existant in sketch state, and I have a backlog of stuff that I made up ages ago, but never drew, for reasons unknown to me. So... as long as I can find the energy, this series is going to continue for quite a while (I hope).
Ooops wait a minute, is the girl who wants to shoot the rocket Geekgirl's *friend*??? Could be I mixed up the two because they look similar *shame shame shame*. Actually Geekgirl should be the one explaining about "height and coldness", yes ;)?
Nevertheless, everything I said about the cute factor doesn't change because of that.
Ah, I'm sorry. XD;; There is no pre-defined character named Geekgirl, I'm afraid. Any girl featured is somehow geeky, and has her story told. I just tend to go for the ponytail and white hair because they're easiest and quickest to draw. Swoosh-swoosh-dipdipdip done. XD

You may say you got two geekgirls for the price of one in this episode. Or maybe they're two voices of the same mind? Just like the stuff I see when one of these gets born? Oh Go~d...
The boyfriend is so NOT in sync with his girl.... she should just drop him, I feel. XDD
these were hilarious, i'd love to read more.
You really think so? Because I thought he should better drop her... lol

More's in production already, but they keep distracting me from other stuff, which is naughty. Also, too many excuses for slouchy, crappy smeers instead of serious lineart. Which proves that comics are evil. ;P