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The Moriarty Chronicles

With sherlock60's new story cycle (Join in! No better time!), I'm also starting a new story arc:

The Moriarty Chronicles

Moriarty family tree
Family tree © yours truly. NOT canon. Believe me, I know which bits are.
"John II" = Prof. James Moriarty

I've always thought it'd be awesome if Moriarty had sisters (hé). From that thought, I've constructed more or less of a family history for the whole bunch, based on the few snippets we know of Moriarty. He doesn't appear in more than two stories, which leaves a lot of the detail to imagination. Good. ;P

To fit all five children in, I've given John Moriarty two wives. The first dies after only three years of marriage, and though the second seems to be happier than her predecessor, her death destroys the family. John Moriarty is accused of having murdered his wive, and judged accordingly. The children are split up and go their own ways.

I'm not giving any more detail now, for obvious reasons, but you can be sure there's tons of deliciously dark, gooey bits in there. Smirky dragon is smirky. There's reasons behind all those dates and numbers btw, especially in making the later Professor quite a bit younger than he usually gets displayed as, but I thought that's a bit boring to explain here. If you want, I can add a more detailed explanation though. I haven't writen down any births or deaths that aren't of immediate interest to me right now, but in case you're interested, Professor Moriarty died in 1891. Oh~ those hikers.

By the way, I've called the later Professor "John II" in this chart, thus having a bit of an explanation for ACD's slip in accidentally calling two brothers "James". I had a lot of fun with these names, I can't even tell how much because it'd infringe the limits of taste.

All siblings will be featured, I think, but with the character who started it all being Jane (thanks to BBC's "Sherlock"), hers will be my chosen POV in these sixty ficlets wherever possible. After all, it is an uncommon way from social failure to Mycroft Holmes's personal weapon of choice...

See you on board of the Gloria Scott.

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