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The ever so patient fly_little_wing gave me the opportunity to make two butterfly-shaped kanzashi eyepatches.

I'm glad I can hold my pliers with both hands almost equally (I'm not completely ambidextrous), though the fine chains on the golden piece made me ask myself why humans were made with such huge, thick fingers. Kermit style for me, please!

Alternative tumblr link: [click]
I hope I can send them soon! Really need for find that padding material I'm absolutely sure I have sooomewhere... orz

Ahaha, but I like your butterfly ideas! I'd never make any for myself, so they remind me of you. :)
You know, I don't think Kermit could hold pliers...

Just been looking up "kanzashi" ^^ I think I like the mauve eyepatch best ^__^
Oh please don't say that, he'd be sad!

While this isn't exactly what you'd get under that search term, I use some of the folding techniques in a completely different context, and so far nobody's jumped at my throat. ;P
it's been a long time xD
It's been a long time since I have checked out your Livejournal. I am truly sorry that I haven't been much active, but I entered university last year, my major is Japanese (sooo... busy busy)

I think that these jewellery pieces are beyond beautiful! :D You are really talented! I would love to make jewellery someday, but it is hard to get some nice looking pieces here in Norway :( oh well, I might order online xxD
Re: it's been a long time xD
Hey there! ^^

I haven't done much here either, it's just that not many people are still active, so I try to be on tumblr, twitter, dada, where this stuff gets seen. Pretty busy here, too, lots of work. Do you still like uni? Keeping my thumbs pressed for you!

Thanks so much! Aw yeah, same here. I pretty much live at the arse of the world, especially economy-wise, so whatever I need has to be ordered, which is too expensive. In other words, I keep rummaging through the most impossible discount stores and disassemble the crap they sell for usable parts. *lol* And have an eye open for special value crafts stuff, though it's usually bad quality. It's adventurous though, somehow I like it, if it didn't make working commissions so hard. ^^" Hope you can find what you like!