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Starving Guinea Pigs Post

Hello, sorry for the long silence. I'm purdy busy with work and associated shenanigans, but nonetheless the vet bills ain't getting less, nor cheaper. We lost the alpha pig of our herd last week, which has been terrible for the whole family, two- and four-legged, but those bills remain. In short, I haven't been much of a little ray of sunshine. Anyway.

Without further rambles, terms & conditions:
- payment via paypal
- all prices are in € (EUR)
- shipping is not included in the prices and depends on where you live; it starts at €5 for shipping, package, and paypal fees for everything below a weight of 500g; for heavier or bigger items, I'll need to know which country you live in
- due to a harsh working schedule, I can usually only make it to the post office at weekends
- I can put things on hold for a few days, provided we've known each other for a while
- most of these things are in used condition as all of these have made at least one major travel around the world, have been handled by people less careful than I am, and sometimes had previous owners I don't know about; I try to be as accurate as possible in the descriptions, but please do ask if you're not sure


- GACKT Diabolos photobook €20 (slight traces of use at cover paper)
- GACKT & HYDE Moonchild photobook €15 (clear traces of use on cover paper; slightly bent edges; traces of a glued-in ex libris on first page)


- GACKT subarashikikana jinsei 2 photobook (sorry, but I just noticed that one page and a few page edges have been damaged with what looks like a cutter knife by the previous owner - if you still want it, let me know, but otherwise I don't feel comfortable with offering such a damaged item)
- GACKT subarashikikana jinsei 3 photobook €20 (minimal traces of use on cover)


- HYDE FAITH photobook €20 (with original obi; slight traces of use on cover and edges)
- L'ARC EN CIEL à Paris photobook €15 (minimal traces of use on cover)
  EXTRA: four postcards (in opened envelope)


- magazines €10 each except top row/left corner and bottom row/left corner, which you'll get for free if you order another object in can be shipped with (keep in mind that that may change the shipping charge) - let me know which one(s) you're interested in and I'll describe its condition; some come with a poster or postcards
ON HOLD - Arena special remix, Rockstar vol 5


- VHS of GACKT (the top one is MALICE MIZER's "pay de merveilles") for €5 each (in used condition)
  "Mirror" comes with small drama CD
  "Mizérable" comes with small single CD


- MIYAVI miyavizm €10 (minimal traces of use)
- MIYAVI miyabi uta €10 (slight traces of use)
ON HOLD - MIYAVI This Iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock (tour version) € (slight traces of use)
ON HOLD - MIYAVI This Iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock (slight traces of use)


- VAMPS single Love Addict €10 (in original plastic wrapping; opened but in very good condition)
- VAMPS single Evanescent €10 (in original plastic wrapping; opened but in very good condition)
- VAMPS single Sweet Dreams €10 (in original plastic wrapping; opened but in very good condition)
- VAMPS single Devil Side €10 (in original plastic wrapping; opened but in very good condition)


ON HOLD - L'ARC EN CIEL Dune 10th anniversary Ganshin €10 (clear traces of use on hull)
- MUCC houyoku Ganshin €10 (clear traces of use on hull)
- MUCC Gokusai Ganshin €10 (clear traces of use on hull)
- MUCC 6 Ganshin €10 (slight traces of use on hull)


- TURBO JAM 3T Tubular €5 (still in original plastic wrapping, never opened - REGION CODE 1)
- Loveless vol. 1-8 €15 (clear traces of age)
- NEIL GAIMAN Marvel 1602 €5 (traces of use on cover)
Hi ^^
I'm interested with GACKT & HYDE Moonchild photobook, how much the shipping cost to Indonesia?
Also the bonus mousepad is the pic with black or white background?
thank you..

edit: btw I was searching in google about Moonchild photobook selling and I found your LJ ^^

Edited at 2013-10-12 07:16 am (UTC)
Oh hey, long time no see! :) I used to be ashura_oh. Well done google bots!

Uh, just to make sure, the book has clear signs of use (I bought it second hand), there's a sign where something was glued in and torn out on the first page (it's a blank page though, no photos damaged).

WAIT HOLD ON that's a mousepad STICKER. *lol* I should read full descriptions. Anyway, yes, it's a tiny version of the cover photo. The poster shows the cover photo, too.

Shipping to Indonesia, if you still want it, would be €16.
yes I recognized your userpic ^^
the problem on the blank page it ok, but you said "the book has clear signs of use", is it that bad or not? the pages are crumpled? X'D
aah the shipping price for this book is always a trouble, is there any other option with less price?
Oh no, the pages are all fine! It's just the cover that's showing impressions and light scratches, and the edges of the cover have been bent in a bit. Most of my stuff is second hand. ^^"

Unfortunately not, it's pretty heavy. :( But I can put it on hold for you, if that helps.
Hello again ^^
Sorry I replied you again just now..
So I decided to buy the photobook, the total will be €31?
Yup, that's right. By the way, are there any restrictions (like customs...) when sending books to Indonesia? Just to make sure. ^^"
Thanks so much, the payment has arrived! Could you just send me your postal address, please? I'm afraid that if you already sent a message, lj might have eaten it. ^^"
Out of the two subarashikikana jinsei, does one have pics of GACKT wearing those outlandish asian costumes (including some suspiciously indian looking ones?)? I'd love to buy that one - if you can tell me the shipping costs and everything.
Errrrrr I don't think so... you don't happen to have links to those photos? ^^" But I really don't think they're what you're looking for, I couldn't find any really weird fantasy shoots. Maybe those were published in vol.1?
Aw yeah, those are definitely not in those editions I have. Mm gimme some time, I'll just take photos... google image search is failing me. ^^"

SH**. I just noticed that #2 has some serious cutter damage on one page and some page edges, which I didn't notice when I flipped through before. I guess I'll just take that down, pretty sure nobody wants that. orz I'm so sorry!! Japanese 2nd hand is not what it used to be.
Ouf, sorry, I wanted to send you photos of book 3 today, but I only just returned home after a full day of work and then helping a family member with their moving places. ^^" If you still want them, would you mind if I do that tomorrow?
Of course! Also, if you could tell me the shipping costs. It's usually my bad luck that even when I can afford the actual goods, the shipping costs stump me.
Yeah, shipping's always such a nuisance. :( For one book it'd be €7, for two €17, so it'd be cheaper to ship two singularly - I don't know why they're that stupid here, I've never understood the price system.

Phew, finally managed the editing. Here's #2, I couldn't get a clear picture of the damage unfortunately:

And #3: