I understand. Thanks for letting me know! Sometimes lj's such a deserted place, though I still try to throw around a gaze or two. ^^"
I'm interested in the four G photobooks (and probably the rest o the G stuff), but €75+shipping (Even the €20+Sh) is too much (for me). If I'd get off my butt and try to get a job (which I want to do, but have anxieties about), I probably could afford them, but I can't right now :,(
Oh well, the way it looks you'll have yea~rs of time. ^^" Thanks so much for letting me know, and I hope you can overcome those anxieties - I know those pretty well. *hugs*
I should help with that shouldn't I..Hmmmmm...

Tho I have most of G stuff you are selling....

Perhaps one or two mags....

-ARENA37℃ SPECIAL REMIX vol.1 (how many G pages does it have?)
-ROCKSTAR December (?) 2009
The ARENA REMIX is a collection of older articles, 50 pages in total. There's that photoshoot with the crow and crosses, something about RRII, Journey Through The Decade, the cellar photoshoot where he wears that scarf, holiday photoshoot, suit-hat-and-cane photoshoot, and more RRII stuff. Condition is very good, with slight traces on the cover where it's stood on my shelf (pretty much bookstore condition).

Rockstar vol 5 (Dec 2009) has 25p, cover's got a few marks of use, but nothing major. Includes Christmas photoshoot with teddybear, Nemuri Kyoshiro stuff, and the big school interview.

Shipping would be about €10 for both together.
Maaah... is there anything I could add? There's still some space in that package. ^^"
Ahhahaha! Tempting me, huh?XD Saw your DVD sale. You are giving them practically for free, but unfortunately I already have those...

But oh, well would adding another mag increase the shipping? What's in the Arena special(with G and that instrument)?
Oh! God no, I meant, something like a gift! XD;; I have some things like small magazines about Japanese culture, or crafting stuff, but I don't know if you're into any of that.

Yeah, well, those DVDs aren't in that great a condition. However, it's probably an opportunity for someone who otherwise couldn't get them. I don't know if they're still available anywhere as new. Are there any DVDs you're missing? It's not likely that I have them, but just in case that I see them one day.

It wouldn't increase the shipping, but Go~~~d I feel bad for mentioning that now. *hides*
XD I see.... I actually am into that stuff... But with no increasing shipping I have no problem adding 10€ for the Arena special. It's the 2009 one, ne?

As for DVD's I've been very diligent at getting all of those.lol Orz I'm only missing the YFC Otoko Matsuri. Which is no wonder, it's awfully expensive second hand. And rare. And the Platinum boxes... I'm very slow at getting those, cuz I'm cheap.XDDD

And no, I don't think you can find them new any more. I remember searching very hard for them four years ago. I was lucky back then,because now... Almost impossible I think.
Pfft make that 5. Almost, it's January 1st 2010. ;)
The Yokoso campaign used to publish pretty interesting brochure magazines, interested?

You're saying it! Getting the DVDs was always hardest.
I'll give you 7,50.XD♥

Ahh!! I was not sure if it's end of 2009 or beginning of 2010. I know the special comes out around that time.XD Well not any more since they cancels the Arena this year...:( #sad

I am!:D


Edited at 2013-10-13 07:04 pm (UTC)
I am so late, but the package arrived two days ago already! I was a nice birthday "surprise"!;D XD

Oh wow, that's amazing! I'm glad it arrived, and thanks so much for taking those off my hands! <3