I'm sorry, lj is late in sending friends add notifications - and of course I know you, dear! XD;; I'm just not adding people back who add others randomly. 'Cause that's scary. *lol*
WAH!! *desperately tries to cover nakkid self* *realises she shouldn't have covered herself with maple syrup* If you'd excuse me, I need to get rid of the guinea pig hair sticking to my bum... ^^"
I don't mind, but next time I'll dress before posting links to my private place. XD *runs around with naked mind*
Heyy there, I hope you don't mind me adding you here, too. I like your posts- and you, so.. yeah. :D
*stumbles away awkwardly*

Hmmm, when I click on the Twitter link I get an error message that the site doesn't exist *~*. Just me?

Really? O.o I can access it without problems, but I'll try later when I'm not logged in. Thanks for letting me know!!
That's not nice. (@д@;)

It's still embedded on my deviantart page, but that's a looong way to reach a twitter account of course...
So, this is a comment. Gonna add you as a friend. I see Doctor Who, Desserts, and Moriarty. :-)